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About Us

"KAMAL INDUSTRIES" is a company which owns and operates composite facilities for manufacturing and exporting of various Team Uniform, Gym wear, Yoga Wear, Gloves  & ACCESSORIES ETC..... Commodities & Supplies.
The  company   fully   realizes the  importance of  maintaining  the  quality  of  its products  and   for  the  same reason  it  is  maintaining  a  quality  control system.
The ambition of  the  company is  not  only to supply the high  quality  products  in the markets but also to take  cognizance of  customer  satisfaction  by  providing pre  and   post  sale  extensive  services to  resolve their problems  exactly  as  they  desire. Due  to  these  commitments  "KAMAL INDUSTRIES"  has  established a  prestigious position in the market.

The ambition of the "KAMAL INDUSTRIES" warmly welcome all those who are looking reliable source to keep high their Brand Name of excellence and performance in the Market  with the top quality Products. So trust in "KAMAL INDUSTRIES" for successful move to the Business World.

OUR ULTIMATE GOAL is to guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our products  and service  and we  would  be  happiest  to know  that  you  enjoy your products! 
Thank you for  choosing  "KAMAL INDUSTRIES"  products, we hope you enjoy our product and service. If you do, please recommend us to your family and friends!

MEMBERS;. We are members of  the following organizations;
1 ) Sialkot Chamber Of Commerce & Industry
2 ) Pakistan Gloves Manufacturer & Exporter Association
3 ) Pakistan Sports Goods Manufacturer & Exporter Association

"KAMAL INDUSTRIES" is a NEW TREND SETTER in  Team Uniform, Gym wear, Yoga Wear, Gloves & ACCESSORIES ETC.....